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Frequently asked support questions:

1. What is the best way to contact tech support?


Phone: (+1) (810) 220-4380


Nikon Metrology Europe
Phone: +32 16 74 01 09

Nikon Metrology UK
Phone: +44 (0)1332 819 636

Nikon Metrology GmbH
Phone: +49 (0)6023 917 33 0

Nikon Metrology France
Phone: +33 1 60 86 09 76


Please locate your Nikon Instruments office on corporate website
Or write an email to

2. If I have a problem, what files do I need to email to tech support for analysis?

 3.4 and later - Export the Help-Desk file
   - from System Pearl click "Create Help Desk File"

 3.3 and older - We will need to following four files:
    -Your project file saved with extension .cmp
    -Your system configuration file exported with extension .xml
    -Your probe assembly file saved with extension .cfg
    -Your probe tip file saved with extension .tip

3. How do I save my project file?

 Select menu "File" then "Save Project".

4. How do I export my system configuration file?

 Select menu "System" then "Export Configuration".

5. How do I save my probe assembly file?

 Select menu "Probe", then "Probe Assembly". Click the [Save] button on the Probe Assembly window.

6. How do I save my probe tip file?

 Select menu "Probe", then "Tip Manager". Click the [Save] button on the Tip Manager window.

7. My USB devices (printer, jump drive) stopped working after installing CMM-Manager. What should I do?

 This problem is caused by the compatibility of the device driver for the USB dongle (port lock) with some new computer systems. It has been fixed since release If you are running CMM-Manager release or older, please download the tech note. The tech note gives step by step instruction on how to fix the USB problem.

8. Where can I find help file for CMM-Manager's VB engine?

 Please click here to download the VB help file.

9. What are the recommended PC requirements to run CMM-Manager?

 Please click here to view the PC requirements information.

10. Is CMM-Manager PTB Cerified?

 Yes - Click here to download the PTB Certificate.

11. Can CMM-Manager Algorithms be verified using NIST data sets?

 Yes - Starting with version 3.2 a Program (.PRG) is included with CMM-Manager installation. Run the file NIST_test.PRG and specify the NIST dataset location when prompted. Click here to download the NIST dataset or search for "Algorithm Testing" on the NIST website. Full instructions are here

12. Can I download a CMM-Manager User Guide / Manual?

 Yes - Click here to download the User Guide.  Note: This is a .PDF version of the Help Files.

Note: It is possible to view / copy Help files to any Windows PC - C:\Program Files (x86)\Nikon\CMM-Manager 3.6\Help


Training Schedule:

See our training schedule at Nikon Metrology website here - here


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