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Nikon Metrology offers a complete range of metrology solutions including Coordinate Measuring Machines(CMMs), Optical CMMs, 3D laser scanners, X-ray and Computed Tomography (CT),  Optical CNC measuring systems , Laser Radar, iGPS /iSpace systems,  and metrology software for 3D scanning3D digitizing, 3D inspection and reverse engineering. Our systems are employed in aerospace, automotive and other manufacturing industries.

The reliability of the Nikon brand is based on high-level technological power and ongoing R&D activities since the company’s establishment in 1917. Nikon technologies are active not only in Nikon’s core products such as cameras, microscopes and IC steppers/scanners, but they also squarely support innovation in leading-edge science, and they contribute to the development of society and industry as a whole.

We have recently started a metrology blog to serve as an extra resource for case studies, news articles, general industry buzz, upcoming tradeshow and webinar notices as well as archived webinars. Please check it out!

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