Reporting values don't match actuals

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Reporting values don't match actuals

Post by Creed » Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:55 pm

Hi all,
When I execute my program the report I get gives dimensions that are OOT. Without making any changes at all, I got to program, double click the report feature that ready out and preview it. It previews a good number, and then the number on the report changes to match the preview.
What's going on here? Why am I getting bad dims in the first place?
Its our company policy to have every report auto save and print, which makes this even more frustrating.
The first attachment it the auto print. The second is after I've clicked preview.
WAL105B5_Rev5-05995 First.pdf
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Re: Reporting values don't match actuals

Post by medupriest » Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:06 pm

There are two databases of features. One for runtime, and another for teach.

When you verify a feature in teach mode, the actual value is updated in the teach environment.

The runtime environment is completely separate. The values in the runtime only exist in run mode.

When you double click on a program reporting step, you are automatically taken back to the teach environment.

If the part that was originally set up was good in the teach environment and not good in the run environment, I would look at your alignment and make sure it is repeatable and robust.

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