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graphic report

Post by German_man » Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:04 am

Hello, i need your help please.

On the pictures you can see my problems.
Why are the measuring points so far away from the CAD model?
report cloud to CAD with bestfit to CAD.
Is it possible to do this without CAD synchronization?

I have to measure and evaluate several surface areas in different
coordinate systems, therfore I can not synchronize the CAD model
Are the measuring results correct if I compare cloud to CAD without synchronization?

Is it possible to do this without CAD synchronization?

Many thanks for your help
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Re: graphic report

Post by medupriest » Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:28 am

The position of the CAD model should reflect the coordinate system being used.

As to why the points are appearing off of the CAD model, the points are being compared to the original synchronization of the CAD model, so if those results are unexpected, I imagine the alignment strategy isn't locating the part well enough.

Changing the part coordinate system will change the nominal values of the points being taken, but it will also change the nominal values of the CAD surfaces, so the deviation of those points would be the same before and after the moving of the part coordinate system.

To use different coordinate systems for the alignment, I would suggest using an RPS alignment to the new coordinate system and syncing the CAD prior to doing the associated Cloud-to-CAD comparison. With the RPS alignment, Nominal offsets are applied to points used for the alignment so while the new datum features will be used, the part coordinate system will remain near the CAD coordinate system. Instructions on the RPS alignment can be found at the following link, and you can search for it in help documentation.

An alternative to the RPS alignment would be to set up the new coordinate system and then offset the alignment back to the original coordinate system by the nominal values and then syncing the CAD.

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