How To: Advanced Operation Group

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How To: Advanced Operation Group

Post by US_Helpdesk » Fri Apr 20, 2012 5:20 pm

As you may know there is a function in CMM-Manager called Operation Group that allows you to loop any part of a program while adding XYZ offsets between each subsequent loop. This is useful for looping a program for parts that are loaded in a fixture holding a rectangular grid of parts.

The default behavior of this function allows the user to start on part 1 and run any number of parts up to the pre-defined MAX number. The attached program elaborates on this function and allows selection of the start loop / piece as well as automatic ending of the program after the last loop / piece is run.

Here is what was changed from the "default" operation group procedure.

Line003 - Add a VB Script to Prompt for the Start position / loop index
Line007 - Modified the VB Script of the Begin: Group command to accommodate custom Start position
Line008 - Override existing For loop Index with MyLoop variable, name feature(s) with variable and logic to exit loop at END
Line009 - Define variables for Transfer(s)
Line013 - Index MyLoop value / variable
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