Cylindrical stylus

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Cylindrical stylus

Post by malachiconstant11 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:53 pm

I am attempting to qualify a Renishaw ruby tip cylindrical stylus for the first time. Does anyone have any experience with how to input the reference information and qualify to a sphere?

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Re: Cylindrical stylus

Post by Ryan Christopher » Tue Oct 29, 2013 5:35 pm

Hi constant11,

To do this you need to have 2 probe assemblies defined in the Probe Assembly dialog box...

The first one must be spherical (you will use this one to calibrate reftip so as to setup the "zero" location of the cal sphere.

Using the "ADD" button you can then create the cylinder probe because the buttons in the lower area of the Probe Assembly dialog box that allow you to define the cylinder probe geometry will 'open up'.

If you're using one of the 2 piece ruby cylinders that have a spherical end glued to a cylindrical middle, you can lie and use the same physically probe for both probe assemblies. This may save you a minute from having to set up 2 force modules, or if you don't have 2 force modules.
Ryan Tackes
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