CMMC -1-1s-3-3s-5-f (DCC)

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CMMC -1-1s-3-3s-5-f (DCC)

Post by US_Helpdesk » Tue Aug 09, 2011 11:43 am

Models: CMMC-1, CMMC-1S, CMMC-3, CMMC-3S, CMMC-5
Default settings: GPIB:PAD=15,SAD=None (CMMC)

Some newer systems may use an alternate PAD -i.e. Alt. PAD = 30 – Default PAD

e.g. PHC’s default PAD = 4 when used with Mitutoyo CMM but could revert to 26 on some Windows 7 PC’s and latest NI 488.2 software.

See NI Tutorial that shows method to determine unknown Primary ID - Tutorial

For CMM-C / GPIB Timeout errors, try increasing the GPIB Timeout value as well as increasing the Delay Between GPIB Commands by increments of 10ms. This can resolve timeout issues after upgrading PC to faster CPU / clock.

Required Software:

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