Probe Changes (manual or rack) causing error

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Probe Changes (manual or rack) causing error

Post by US_Helpdesk » Thu Nov 01, 2012 2:41 pm

Probe Inhibit
With ComUC controllers it is possible that the Inhibit Probe command is not sent correctly and Rack Changes or Manual Probe Assy changes will fail or result in an error.

Possible Error Codes - E 472 / E 102

Find the IQComUCPCI.ini file located in the CMM-Manager\driver folder - i.e. C:\**********\CMM-Manager\Driver\IQComUCPCI.ini

In versions - 3.2 this will be in the Install directory ...\CMM-Manager\Driver directory.

In versions 3.3+ the .INI files are located in a new location:

XP - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Nikon\CMM-Manager 3.3

Vista, 7 , 8 - C:\ProgramData\Nikon\CMM-Manager 3.3

Open the file and change the line:
The SCR200 supports 2 modes of operation.
Tamper Proof ON
Tamper Proof OFF
With Mitutoyo UC controllers, it is advisable to set the Tamper Proof OFF so that direct entry to the rack port is possible. The rack detects the probe entering a docking port and inhibits all probe triggers, thus enabling a smooth and fast module change with CMM-Manager. Move the slide switch on the rack to the RIGHT for Tamper Proof OFF mode.
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Re: Probe Changes (manual or rack) causing error

Post by gkc_NIKON[01] » Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:50 pm

Thanks for the suggestions . . .
Solution turned out to be removing the probe plug and reinserting. I suppose 'reset' probe would have worked too. The probe probably provided to many trigger events when none were expected or too many and the register froze. Naturally, it took me way too long to try the simple fix !!

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